Blowback For Obama: Obamacare Is Strangling Unionism


In 1975, Leonard Woodcock, then president of the UAW, tied the labor movement to making universal health insurance a matter of federal law. It is no stretch to say that Obamacare would never have become a reality without the active support of labor for nearly five decades. But labor’s commitment to what finally took shape in the Affordable Care Act may become the textbook case of a political backfire. Obamacare is killing unionism. Read More

How ObamaCare Rips Off the ‘Young Healthies’

When ObamaCare is under attack, its defenders retreat to several well-worn claims. Among them is a provision that compels insurance companies to allow parents to keep their “children” ages of 21 to 26 on their family policies.

Yet this part of the Affordable Care Act was not engineered in response to any noticeable interest group. Instead, political considerations are responsible for the provision—which is an unnecessary and a deceptive ripoff of the “young healthies.”

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Have Americans Forgotten How To Grow? No, Innovation Is In Our DNA

In the face of a stagnating economic activity many economists are trying to explain why the medicine they have been administering these last six years isn’t working. Not capable of accepting theoretical defeat they offer new explanations. The “new” normal is in the process of being explained by nuance con gusto.

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