2 days ago
Economic development offers countries and communities the chance to nuture their democratic institutions - we're ready to find out more as @DanielJHannan @CarlSchramm @KTramontano @Ulla_Tornaes offer their opinion at #CDS2018
2 days ago
Thank you PM @AndersFoghR for emphasizing how expeditionary economics is the key to expanding democracy. #entrepreneuership https://t.co/8qktZEYkqM
CarlSchramm photo
AndersFogh Rasmussen @AndersFoghR
We’re halfway through a day of stimulating discussion at #CDS2018. It is a pleasure to see this exciting summit unfold and to welcome both old and new friends to Copenhagen to #DefendDemocracy https://t.co/LEJrYfpXzM
3 days ago
Excellent discussion of why "just more #venturecapital" is not likely to boost startups. Density of #entrepreneurial people really matters: https://t.co/NoxbGVuiCH @CarlSchramm @lesamitchell @danestangler @IanHathaway @John_Dearie
3 days ago
Very happy to be in #copenhagen and looking foreword to speaking tomorrow @AoDemocracies https://t.co/tQCwnz1EfQ
Alliance of Democracies @AoDemocracies
Tomorrow is the Copenhagen Democracy Summit and we want YOU to ask our panelists about the future of democracy - use #DefendDemocracy to ask @FelipeCalderon or @StephenHarper a question during tomorrow's panels #CDS2018 https://t.co/Dz3V6zOdKP
2 weeks ago
@CarlSchramm I once interviewed a successful Mexican entrepreneur (Daniel Gomez) who, when asked to join an incubator, responded by saying, “what’s an incubator? I’m not a chicken!”

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