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Author, Professor, Economist & Entrepreneur @CarlSchramm shared his illuminating career story in an interview with the @NativeSociety https://t.co/slaW5OXX28
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About 9,000,000 Americans are thinking about starting a company.

Most will think about it for at least 3 years.

Only about 500,000 will make the leap.

Those that succeed help all of us live better, safer, and happier lives.

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Great analogy @khaledksh! Thanks for the support. https://t.co/BvMZidrYIm
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Thanks @printpiet! Hope you enjoyed it. https://t.co/v2hlzsCkM1
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Dharminder Biharie @printpiet
Almost done reading @CarlSchramm during my holiday break in 🇬🇷 my verdict: mandatory business lecture https://t.co/IudLke4JMu
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looking forward to joining @howtoacademy on Monday May 21st to discuss how to be an #entrepreneur https://t.co/IdqmVyNDNv CarlSchramm photo

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