2 weeks ago
All of us, by nature, seek to reduce the risk of future events—an impulse that grows with the complexity of a project and the potential cost of failure. - Carl Schramm @CarlSchramm
1 month ago
Podcast #288 — Here’s Why You Should Throw Your Business Plan Away by @LEADxLife with @CarlSchramm, author of Burn the Business Plan https://t.co/owOqAK6PFy
2 months ago
Crafting a business plan is one of the biggest misconceptions about how to start a company on the right footing, says @CarlSchramm https://t.co/Uc8F0yh8zg #burnthebizplan
2 months ago
"A wise #entrepreneur sees the potential & growability of every job function & every #hire, including #parttime ones" *  I've found this to be SO true, @carlschramm! #Entrepreneurship #flexibleworking #gigeconomy

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