1 day ago
"A wise #entrepreneur sees the potential & growability of every job function & every #hire, including #parttime ones" *  I've found this to be SO true, @carlschramm! #Entrepreneurship #flexibleworking #gigeconomy
2 weeks ago
Carl Schramm ( @CarlSchramm) discusses his 'no plan' business plan for startups. https://t.co/rzYMLAVjTM
2 weeks ago
Good to see other scholars debunking the myth that #entrepreneurs are mostly young. @CarlSchramm now leading a pack of scholars uncovering evidence that the real world experience older entrepreneurs bring improves their likelihood of success. https://t.co/b6UXXbIpko
3 weeks ago
So, here's a fun little hand grenade via @whartonknows: Why Creating a Business Plan Is a ‘Waste of Time’ @CarlSchramm #burnthebizplan https://t.co/oivpXvTUM0 https://t.co/yLRjTnAGyh CarlSchramm photo
1 month ago
Thank you @CarlSchramm for the signed copy of your excellent new book! Also, for your kind words of the work we do @Newentrefound I look forward to working with you! https://t.co/DaoGo3CyAZ CarlSchramm photo
1 month ago
"Entrepreneurs must learn to dance to the market's ever–changing tempo and rhythm. Planning doesn't help and is mostly a waste of time." — @CarlSchramm #BurnTheBusinessPlan

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