4 days ago
I am thrilled to announce that #burnthebizplan is now available in #China! #entrepreneurship https://t.co/rHpZ19vgAg CarlSchramm photo
5 days ago
Some start-up founders follow a business plan; others operate by the seat of their pants.
@joshgans @erin_l_scott @sstern_mit @CarlSchramm @danmcginn @wfrick
6 days ago
“Making a successful company requires an intimate tango with customers, not a tight grip on a business plan.” - my latest article in @HarvardBiz https://t.co/AlrgmaoaiH
1 week ago
Drop all your preconceived notions of how to start and succeed in a business. Listen to @CarlSchramm on the Business Builders Show to learn at what age most people start their businesses, how #entrepreneurs are often “ambushed” and more! https://t.co/TvDrTmGMio
2 weeks ago
WOW! @nberpubs researchers confirm my findings: success comes to #entrepreneurs in mid-career, "findings strongly reject common hypotheses that emphasize youth as a key trait of successful entrepreneurs.
2 weeks ago
“mid-career” #entrepreneurs are five times more likely to enjoy successful businesses five years later than entrepreneurs starting businesses right out of university. via @Nairametrics https://t.co/tROdntPJqM

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