7 days ago
Good piece by my collaborators @CarlSchramm and Henrik F. Rasmussen.

The way we deliver health care deeply affects our security, our economy, and our trade. It is also a cipher for the state of our culture.

1 week ago
My most recent writing up on @AtlanticCouncil - Mobilizing the Free World to advance public health https://t.co/QIikpkXIx2
1 week ago
I’ve spent the last 2 days on Zoom having 1:1s with my @SyracuseU students. Making a huge effort this semester to develop relationships with my students and make my seminars more engaging than ever.
2 weeks ago
Huge numbers of successful #entrepreneurs are accidental entrepreneurs.
2 weeks ago
Before 1980, “entrepreneur” wasn’t a household word, but more firms were being created then then they are now. Why is the slow down of #entrepreneurship happening?
2 weeks ago
Excited to be joining @SteveForbesCEO on his podcast this afternoon to talk #entrepreneurship #startups and how important they are to our recovering #economy https://t.co/BH5WkBUkxk CarlSchramm photo

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