6 days ago
Public health risk mitigation efforts should always include trade off analyses. Important insight from @DrJonathanEllen @CityJournal

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4 weeks ago
"...health experts may not be able to predict with certainty when the next pandemic shows up, or what challenges it will bring. By focusing on their core mission and constantly improving their methods and practices, however, they can be more prepared when it arrives..."

Read: https://t.co/BrEAX2VD1T
4 weeks ago
We need a nonpartisan COVID Commission now  https://t.co/qJHHT9scEN
5 months ago
Looking forward to @iSchoolSU's first Blockchain & Crypto Workshop next week! https://t.co/GQ8LAIhnp9
8 months ago
Labor economist @CarlSchramm, who teaches @iSchoolSU, says the federal government should have customized the unemployment pay rate per region to better match an average salary.
via @NewsChannel9

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