4 weeks ago
“What accounts for the success and continued thriving of some cities, and the decline of others?” @CarlSchramm explores why some cities are dying and what we can do about it: https://t.co/hKFOmxXjGc
2 months ago
"Biden ordered a halt to drilling and shut down pipelines, driving up the oil prices. Appearing gleeful that higher gas prices will accelerate a transformation of the economy to solar and wind energy, the President ignores the disproportionate impact this will have on the poor." https://t.co/F07ID3aSyQ
2 months ago
The twenty-year trend of declining new firm foundation, year over year, continues to accelerate. Why? Because the administration’s economic policy has made starting a new business, always a challenge, even more difficult now. New from @CarlSchramm: https://t.co/eIqP8TH55d

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